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November 2014

The Windows Report!

Microsoft Windows "10"
(forget about Windows 9)

The "NEW" look of
Windows 8.1 Update 2

(But it's a Big Letdown)

Windows 8 News & Tips

(from geeks)

Rogue Software

Give your PC a Speed Boost


Hi, my name is Lonny, a.k.a. "The Computer Guy"
I've been working with computers and networks for over 30 years.
My experience and knowledge of computers and networking is very comprehensive. Because Iíve primarily worked alone in my career, I've learned a lot by solving problems by myself. My education and experience are totally
hands-on. I am confident that I can help you with pretty much all of your computer related problems.

I offer the following computer services:

  • In-shop and Remote computer support

  • Hardware and Software upgrades

  • Computer troubleshooting and repair

  • Networking services: wireless and wired

  • Fast turn around time on in-shop repairs

  • Stocking computer repair parts and networking hardware

  • Custom built and Dell computer systems, built  with "YOUR" needs in mind

  • Local Tech Support

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Tough on malware, easy on your computer!

Mozy Online Backup Service

Simple - Automatic - Secure

Try MozyHome Free
(not for business use)

Linux for human beings

Recycle Your Old PC

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